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4 Reasons to Ditch Carpet This Year

two people remove carpetIf you’ve been considering getting rid of your old carpet because it’s old, worn out, or you’re tired of looking at those pesky spots have been impossible to scrub away, then we’re here to convince why you it’s time to switch to hardwood floors.

We know the feeling of fresh new carpet is only momentary. You can create a ‘no shoes’ policy, do everything to avoid spills, and pay hundreds on professional carpet cleaners, but the fact of the matter is, carpet is difficult to maintain. On top of maintaining the look and feel, we have five other reasons that will make you want to ditch carpet today.


  • Allergies. Did you know carpets contain one-hundred times more allergens than hardwood flooring? They are a breathing ground for dust mites, pet dander, mold, and other potential proteins that can generate allergies. Don’t be mislead by the Carpet and Rug Institute who claims carpet traps allergens. Although you may not suffer from allergies today, when you sit or rub the carpet, allergens become airborne. Children are especially at-risk of experiencing allergies as they spend time crawling on the floor. A small child can end up swallowing 10 grams of dust a day!



  • Cleanliness. We now know that dust mites are easily trapped inside carpet and we may assume that a good vacuum can help suck those bugs up but unfortunately that’s not the case. In fact, carpet cleaning still leaves roughly 95 percent of dust mites inside the carpet even after vacuuming. What’s worse is that mold tends to grow in dust and carpet is an ideal place for it to live. Many professional carpet cleaning companies can temporarily get rid of dirt, dust mites, allergens, and other pollens, but of course it comes at an expensive cost and would have to be done more than twice a year.



  • Pets. The past two reasons (allergies and cleanliness) are easily intensified if you have pets living indoors. Pets tend to shed skin cells, pet dander, that attaches to carpet and feeds dust mites, helping them live longer. Essentially you would have to vacuum every time your pet walks across the room because with every step, your pet’s paws are pushing the pet dander further down, making it even more difficult to suck-out dust with a vacuum. If you’ve ever wondered why many apartment complexes with carpets don’t allow pets, this is one reason.



  • Hardwood floors. One simple way to increase the value of your home is to install hardwood flooring. Realtors and interior designers will tell you that even if you have to spend a good sum, it’s well-worth the expense because it’s a return on your investment. Installing hardwood floors is worth every dime because of its longevity, durability, style appeal, and cleanliness. Moreover, if you’re planning on selling your home, these days even newly-installed carpet can turn buyers away. The appearance of hardwood floors is classic, simple, elegant, and gives your home a more spacious look. Not to mention, hardwood floors makes it easy to find matching furniture and decor.


Ready to rip out the old carpet? R Company is here to help.

We specialize in installing quality hardwood floors in your home or office. This year is the best time to invest in new flooring and stop dealing with the health and cleanliness issues that carpet naturally produces. Our team of professionals have the expertise and knowledge to install beautiful and durable floors that can be enjoyed long term. Call us today to learn more.

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