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Commercial Painting — Get Professional Painting Services in El Paso

When it comes to residential and commercial painting, it’s necessary to choose an expert in the field. R Company has extensive experience in both interior and exterior painting jobs. We work with the best paints and materials to ensure a smooth and sleek result. We offer professional painting services for your office building, commercial building, or home.

Exterior and Interior Work

Here at R Company, we can handle any kind of job and pride ourselves in friendly customer service that walks you through the process. Whether you have a large commercial building, a series of offices, a clinic, doctor’s office, or any other place of business, the aesthetic appeal says a lot about your business.

As your hired contractors, we ensure that we inform you about how we work, including:

  • The preparation: Every job site is different and may have its own special process and requirements, depending on the kind of business. We are happy to discuss our site preparation and how we will prepare the space for the job. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any concerns for any features, time frame, materials, etc.
  • Materials/products used: We will inform you of the types of materials we’ll be using. For example, whether we use oil or latex paint or the type of equipment our crew will be using around your facility.
  • Scheduling and timeline: If you are needing to get the interior of your office building painted, then you might need to know precisely how long the job will take, as this will have an effect on office hours, operating hours, or other business. It’s why we will provide you with a schedule and a timeline of how long the job will take.
  • Safety and Liability: As experienced licensed contractors, we are always up to date with the latest health and safety codes. At the same time, we have strict safety protocols to ensure that our workers are always following guidelines for safety.

High-Grade Materials for a Quality Finish

R Company uses quality paint and materials to ensure a job well done. We can help you choose your paint based on several important factors including the wearability and final look intended. Our goal is always to recommend what might best fit your particular needs, whether it’s interior or exterior, and the kind of look you are aiming for. There are plenty of options to choose from including flat or matte finishes, eggshell finishes, satin finishes, semi-gloss finishes, and more.

The Importance of a Pristine Painting Job For Your Business

Your facility or office represents your business. You don’t want old faded paint or scraped walls to give your customers or clients the wrong impressions. A professional painting job will make sure that your walls are even, the color is professional and apt, and that there are no drip stains or marks or globs of paint. With years of experience and a highly trained and effective team, we know how to pay attention to details.

Commercial painting is a skill all of its own and it requires actual experience with commercial buildings.

Hire A Reputable Painter For Your Place of Business

People might often be tempted to hire just anybody. Yet, you don’t want your storefront or office to have a haphazard painting job. With R Company you are getting:

  • Professionals with proven experience
  • A company with a reputation for excellence
  • A company you can communicate with

For Professional Commercial Painting, Choose Experience and Skill

We offer professional painting for executive office spaces, suites, interior, and exterior work. Call us today at 915-373-4127.