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Rock Wall Construction — Quality Walls to Protect Your Property

Rockwall construction is an important aspect of many homeowner’s landscaping. They serve several purposes, both aesthetic and functional. A rock wall should last a long time and help protect your property. Here at R Company, we do more than home remodeling and additions, we also specialize in building rock walls for the front and back yards.

El Paso neighborhoods are known for the rock wall separations that line our streets and divide our homes. Their use is popular in the area for several reasons, including longevity, simplicity, and beauty. And yet, there is a vast difference from a rock wall that is constructed correctly and offers years of protection and service, and one that will crack or crumble easily and compromise other aspects of your home.

Outside Landscaping Done Right

Rock walls are commonly used as retaining walls, put in place as a type of space holder. They are built rigidly and designed to hold back soil or placed there because of erosion or hills, or uneven land.

Manage Excess Water. Although El Paso might not get a whole lot of rain, a retaining wall will slow the flow of water. They can be useful for gardening and lawn care. Installing stone walls throughout your backyard is a great way to create separation and enhance landscaping.

Protect Your Property. Walls will also serve the purpose of protection and privacy. If you have pets in the backyard or let your kids play outside, having a protective barrier ensure the utmost security. Tall stone walls offer solid protection and a good barrier to prevent intruders or to prevent the easy scaling of a fence.

Qualities of a Solid Rock Wall — Ensuring a Professional Job

If you are looking into building a rock wall or a retaining wall on your property, there are several things you want to ensure are being done right.

Base. The base of the wall needs to be deep enough to ensure structural stability. The taller a wall is, the further below ground level it should go. A good base will support the wall properly.

Backfill. A good wall needs a properly compacted backfill. The backfill helps with drainage and is installed behind the wall.

Drainage. Depending on the purpose of your wall and where it is located, you want to ensure that it has proper drainage. When drainage is neglected the moisture will build up and cause damage such as cracking or bulging.

Height. The height considerations are more for aesthetic purposes. The height determines the load it can bear and determines how much reinforcement is necessary.

Compliance with City Codes and Regulations

A lot of local municipalities will have city codes and regulations that need to be followed when it comes to the building of rock walls or any additions on your home. When working with R Company, we ensure that we’re in compliance with city codes so that you don’t have to worry about it. Every project will be done in full compliance with city codes and inspections.

Consequences of a Badly Installed Wall

Like every other construction project, if badly installed it can cause considerable damage or consequences down the road. Sometimes it’s more than just wasted money and it might extend to creating damage on your property. Improperly installed walls will bulge, crack, or lean. This might occur because the wall is not strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Landscaping design should last a long time, especially something as durable as stone. Don’t let your contractors cut corners with rock wall construction. A well-built mortared stone wall with a properly built base and backing will have a long shelf life.

Different Types of Rock Wall — Making the Right Decision For You

Depending on the main function of your wall, size, height, and the style you’re looking for, there are different options you can consider.

The first step when it comes to rock wall construction is considering what type of wall you’re looking for. This will determine the shapes and sizes of the rocks used in your wall. The main deciding factor for some people is whether they want their wall to use mortar.

The most common include:

Dry-laid wall: Slightly easier on maintenance and rebuilding. These are typically shorter walls and don’t typically require concrete base footing and mortar materials.
Mortared wall: Requires footing embedded into the ground for stability. These are easier to build as the mortar that holds the stones together and creates a long-lasting result. This is probably the most common type of rock wall that happens in El Paso, as people tend to build taller walls that are weather resistant and last a long time.

What type you choose will affect your planning and everything that comes after. As your landscaping experts, R Company will advise you and guide you through the options and what might best fit your property.

Other walls include:

Timber walls. Perhaps the least expensive option and works great for simple landscaping design elements.
Poured concrete. These are very modern rock walls that are long-lasting and functional.
Natural stone. This is an attractive choice for people looking for a more refined type of stone and using a wall for design and landscaping purposes.

The R Company Difference — Why Choose Us?

As experienced and trusted contractors, R Company has a solid team of experienced builders that know how to get the job done right.

Decades of experience
Quality workmanship
High-grade materials
Efficient workers

We don’t cut corners. We use quality materials. We have extensive experience with rock wall construction and other home addition projects. Every job we do is subject to our stringent standards of excellence.

For Quality Rock Wall Construction, Contact the Professionals

R Company is ready to help you with all your landscaping needs. We have experience with rock wall construction. If you need a rock wall built on your property, whether it is for landscaping, retaining walls, or decorative purposes, we’ll get it done right. Call us today at 915-373-4127.