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home renovation tools sprawled out on tableHome Renovations in El Paso

Home renovations are a huge job, and one you usually don’t want to do on your own. At R Company, we’re dedicated to helping families get the most out of their homes with home renovations.

Reduce, Renew, Renovate

Often, because we spend so much time in the same spaces, they tend to become cluttered and sometimes full with things we don’t need or that we don’t have a designated place for. When we re-organize, often we find that we don’t need much of what we have laying around the house. Renovations offer the opportunity to declutter and simplify while bringing your home back to a good state of repair.

At R Company, we are experienced in virtually every kind of renovation, including kitchen and bathroom updates. Often, kitchen and bathroom updates are huge factors in determining home value. These are rooms we use often, so we want them to be functional and in working order. Whether you decide to install new cabinets and countertops or completely replace old appliances, we are confident you’ll be glad you decided to take that step!

Common Renovations

The most common renovation projects we see include bathroom, kitchen, and basement renovations, though we’ve worked on tiling, flooring, and even rock wall construction, an innovative way to “remodel” your backyard. Here are some of the renovation jobs we can do.

  • Bathroom Renovation– While older homes have what we like to call the brick wall appeal, many of them also have outdated bathrooms. If your bathroom still has the amenities it was built with in the seventies, it’s time for some renovating. We’ll install new counters, tile, and doors and everything in between to get your bathroom back in working order.
  • Kitchen Renovation– We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and fortunately, there are many ways to fix them up. These include replacing old cabinets, adding built-in wine racks, redoing the countertops, tiling walls, and adding in new flooring. Even little things like replacing the faucet on the sink can really make a difference. One thing about kitchen renovations, as opposed to remodeling, is it usually upgrades your kitchen and makes it more practical by making the appliances and sink more accessible and by giving you more space to work.
  • Basement Renovation– While not everyone in El Paso has a basement, those of us who do usually don’t get much use out of them. That’s because basements are usually dirty, bug infested, and cut off from the AC or heater. We’ll update your basement, improving its usability and giving you extra space in your home.

If you’re in the market for some much needed TLC for your home, we’ve got you covered! We’ll renovate any room of your house to get it back to a good state of repair. Call R Company in El Paso today!