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a beautiful kitchen with granite countertopsEl Paso Kitchen Remodeling Services — Spice Up Your Kitchen

Your family likely spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It is the center of quality family time, social gatherings, conversation, and more. In a way, it is the room that ties everything together. A great kitchen enhances your home, and it is also functional. R Company in El Paso specializes in modern kitchen remodels, enhancing everything from countertops, kitchen islands, cabinets, full layouts, and more.

A slick new kitchen will make your home more livable, functional, and will increase the equity value of your real estate.

What is involved in a Kitchen Remodel? — Balance of Beauty and Functionality

A lot of that depends on you and your vision. It might also depend on your current layout. We handle small and complex projects. The R Company team stays on top of current design, models, trends, in order to provide the most comprehensive remodeling experience in town. We can walk you through the many options you have.

We can:

  • Completely redesign your kitchen with custom designs
  • Change and/or alter the layout
  • Replace countertops
  • Replace cabinets
  • Rearrange the set up of your kitchen
  • Add kitchen islands and other features

What’s Trending? — Popular Kitchen Designs of the 21st Century

It’s quite likely that you have a good idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like. Homeowners today take kitchen remodels very seriously, as it is an investment that will not only affect their daily life but the value of their homes. There are plenty of options of materials and styles that you can choose from. Here at R Company, we have experience with a wide variety of remodels. Here are common features people ask for in their kitchens:

Open concept kitchens: The name says it all. This type of kitchen takes from the open concept layout used in most of today’s modern homes. The removal of the boundaries opens up the kitchen to many possibilities. This contemporary-style arrangement is based on the idea of shared spaces; the kitchen is then exposed to the dining area and living room. It adds a feeling of more space but can also very welcoming, as they invite everyone to join in.

Minimalist Design: Some kitchens today prefer a very sleek and compact look. This minimalist design might simply mean a rearrangement of appliances and removing walls and grandiose cabinetry to focus on functionality.

Kitchen Islands: This is a classic feature used in a variety of kitchen styles. There is something about the kitchen islands that invite people to partake, to join in, to come together, and this is precisely what makes the kitchen island such a desired feature. At the same time, the island opens up great possibilities of cabinet space and storage space that can be used below, rather than cluttering the walls with cabinets.

The Process — Working With You Every Step of the Way

We handle your project from start to finish. We do all the dirty work and ensure a pristine result. Before we begin, however, we can talk about your vision and what you’re looking for. A few preliminary questions and starting points might be:

  • Examining your existing layout
  • Discussing what you would like to change
  • What additions are you looking for?
  • What style or design are you looking for?
  • What material are you looking to use?

Countertops — How To Choose Which Is Best For You

There are ways to transform your kitchen without doing a full kitchen remodel. Switching out your countertops alone can be a transformative act for your entire kitchen. The look, style, and feel of those countertops make a big difference. Today, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Granite Countertops: This stone has presence. This is undeniable, as it’s highly sought after in residential and commercial spaces. Granite countertops are usually mined as complete blocks of solid stone, making them a solid option for any kitchen. They are 100% solid stone and many people choose them for their uniqueness. Since they are mined as full blocks, no two slabs of granite will ever be exactly the same. This stone brings the outside in and creates an ambiance that is both naturalistic and luxurious. These countertops are also highly functional, as they are bacteria and dirt resistant, stain-resistant, and highly durable.

Quartz Countertops: This is a high-end surface material that is aesthetically pleasing and durable. It is a hard material that makes for a good work surface and offers a wide variety of color and style options, so you can control the final color. Quality quartz countertops are stain, acid, scratch, heat and impact resistant.  Quartz countertops are made to look like natural stone. While the quartz stone used to make the patterns is natural, it is mixed with resin and other materials to create different patterns and colors.

Why Choose R Company?

When choosing R Company, you are not only choosing the most experienced and talented team, you are working with professionals that use today’s best tools and building techniques in order to make your project beautiful and efficient. We have been working in the industry for many years, and have experience transforming every kind of kitchen imaginable.

People often dream of a kitchen remodel but put their dreams on the back burner for fear of a long and drawn-out project that’s going to empty their wallets. It doesn’t have to be the case. Give us a call today.

Get the Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams With R Company

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel but are not sure where to begin? Need some ideas? Or maybe you have your vision set in stone. Either way, we can help make your dream kitchen. Call us at 915-373-4127. We are located at 1105 Alaska St. El Paso, TX 79915.