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The Benefits of Installing New Doors and Windows During Winter Months

This winter, energy bills around the world are going to be up to 54 percent higher than last year, making it one of the most expensive winters in a while. This means you want to be able to maximize your heating efficiency to reduce the energy you need to stay warm, but how is that […]

A List of Home Renovation Projects to Complete in the Fall 

With the month of August at its end, the fall is soon to be in full effect. The first day of fall lands on September 22nd and there is much to be done to prepare for the season! With every season should come new changes to your home. There are always plenty of ways you […]

7 Signs that Say It’s Time to Remodel Your Business

Your commercial property is the space where you can show what your business is all about, but when you work at a building for several years, you might not be able to notice its age and wear as easily as others. You should always be proud of your business, including its physical appearance, but looks, […]

8 Ways Your Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

When you own a home, you should feel proud of your property and the beauty and comfort of a home it has to offer. When you approach your home, what is the first thing you think of? Are you impressed by what you see or could your front yard use a renovation? If this is […]

Design Tips to Know About Before Remodeling Your Bathroom 

Home remodeling projects are some of the most exciting things to look forward to, especially when you own your home and have the freedom to do with it as you please. Maybe you have specific colors picked out and you know for sure that you want to spruce up the place, but what exactly do […]

The Secret to the Best Kitchen Colors

There are many ways to spruce up your kitchen. How to do it, is up to you and the type of atmosphere or vibe you want to create when people walk in. Some people choose to replace the cabinets, add a new sink, or install an attention-getting kitchen island, but there is a way to […]

The Great Garage Transformation and Common Remodel Mistakes

Something happened in the mid 20th century that transformed American neighborhoods and suburbs. If you drive around your neighborhood today, you might find that not only do most houses have a garage but that the space intended to park our cars is—in many cases—not exactly being used for that. For many Americans, the garage is […]

Renovations and Repairs To Get Your Home Ready for Sale

So you’re thinking about selling your home but wondering about how many repairs or which repairs to do before putting it on the market? Just like most things in life, selling a home might come with its fair share of surprises. Homebuyers today are very particular about what they want to spend their money on […]

The Art of Landscaping: Extend Your Home to the Outdoors 

Many homeowners are on top of making home remodeling and renovations. They look at their bathrooms and kitchens and wonder how they can improve the layout, material, or design. And yet many times the exterior of the home is neglected. Before you know it, the yard is full of weeds and things get scruffy real […]

House Paint Through the Decades: How a New Paint Job Will Transform Your Home

  Oh, the colors! No one actually knows if there is a tally of paint colors in the world today. Even from just a few decades ago, the possibilities of different shades and hues that your home can be painted are endless, especially if you consider the many ‘non-official’ combinations. And if there is one […]