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Home Additions — Open Up Your Home To New Possibilities

The only thing that is guaranteed in life is change. It’s quite possible that as you spend some time in your home, your family will grow, you will expand your activities, and you might find yourself needing more room. It might be time to add some room to your home and improve your comfort and your home’s liveability. Lucky for you, R Company is an expert team of contractors that specialize in home additions.

Common Home Additions — What We Can Do & More

There are many home additions people can add to increase space in their homes. The most common home additions include:

  • Deck
  • Patio additions
  • Room additions
  • Bathroom additions
  • Kitchen expansions

Reasons for Home Additions

As we mentioned earlier, life is always changing, and there are many reasons why homeowners would consider a home addition. Rearranging and downsizing only works to a certain point. Sometimes, life just requires a little more space. Common reasons for home additions include:

  • Nurseries and kids’ rooms: One of the most common reasons for home additions is a new addition of a family member. As families grow, there is a demand for more room. It’s a perfect time to open up your home.
  • Home offices: Many of today’s workers do a lot of their work from home. Thanks to technology and teleconferencing capabilities, home offices have become much more popular and necessary for many modern families.
    Home theaters: People love their entertainment. Because of a lot of great ways to have a personal home theater, many homeowners have added a room in their home solely dedicated to home entertainment. This often requires building the room.
  • Extra garage: As families grow, there are sometimes needs for more vehicles or workspaces, not to mention man caves. An extra garage can serve several different purposes and is especially popular with larger families with more vehicles.

Add Value and Comfort to Your Home

Just like home renovations, home additions can be a great way to improve your home’s resale value. As a homeowner, you know that investing in your home will yield a return in the future by enhancing your home’s value.

Things to Consider With Home Additions

Whenever you are embarking on any project that requires some time and money, we understand that there are some considerations to mull over beforehand. Some frequently asked questions we see include:

  • Will the addition fit in with the rest of the house? R Company takes great care to ensure that the addition we build on your home is consistent with the rest of the home and doesn’t disrupt the flow of the home.
  • What is the process like? It all begins with figuring out what your vision is for the project. Once we meet and assess the property, we can talk about what you’re looking to add and bounce off ideas to get the final drafts just right.
  • How do I know the right contractor for the job? A home addition is likely a little more complicated than a surface painting or a simple renovation. Additions are more complicated work and you want to ensure that your chosen contractor has experienced in building and remodeling.

Hire Professionals for Your Home Additions in El Paso

Here at R Company, you can expect top-of-the-line service from beginning to end. We always guide and advise you through the process. We want you to be happy about the home additions you’re making and it’s why we take the time to visit your home, look at the property, assess the space, ensure zoning laws and codes permit the additions, and present you with a plan to move forward. As professional contractors, we know the responsibility. We take great care to ensure that the addition looks like it belongs with the rest of the home, that it fulfills its purpose, and that it lasts.

Contact R Company and Add Beautiful Home Additions Today

Whether you are looking for a custom home office or want to build a room for your new child, R Company is here to ensure quality, efficiency, and long-lasting work. Call us today at 915-373-4127.