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It’s home sweet home up until you have absolutely no room left. What are you supposed to do if you plan on growing your family or you need an extra room for an office so you can finally start your freelancing career? Should you move into a new house every time you need some more space? Well, the answer is no. With a home addition from R Company, we can help you get the extra space you need without you having to pack up and move.

Same Sweet Home, More Sweet Space

Your home is your base camp. Your family grows and lays down roots at home. Your friends and family make lifelong memories in your home. We believe it’s important that your home is fully functional and reflects your style. Your home should match your taste and have space for your family to live comfortably. Often a home addition can make all of this possible.

Though organization and occasional rearranging can be helpful, there are times that we still need more space to house all of our family’s belongings. Many times, an extra bedroom is not only ideal but a necessity. Other times, a home office is necessary to give stacks of papers, laptops, desks, and file cabinets an orderly home. Giving each room a single purpose, be it meals, family time, business, or relaxation, helps to make a home much less stressful. A home addition often lends itself to a more peaceful and spacious home.

Sometimes we find ourselves in need of more space. In new seasons of life, we often need more room to accommodate a growing family or another bedroom for guests. Unfortunately, many families leave homes they love to move into bigger houses. At R Company, we don’t think you should have to uproot your family just to gain more living space. We’d like to show you that you can stay in the home you’ve grown to love, even if you’re still growing! We specialize in home additions and extensions. There are usually a number of ways to create a larger space, and we’d like to make it happen.

Common Reasons for Home Additions

  1. Nurseries and Kid’s Bedrooms- Whether you have a baby on the way or your family is growing because of a marriage, home additions are a great way to give your children extra space to grow and be themselves.
  2. Home Offices- Just because you didn’t need a home office when you first moved into your home doesn’t mean you won’t need one later. If you’re in need of some extra working space, a home addition can do just the trick.
  3. Home Theaters- Home theaters are all the rage right now and this trend won’t be stopping anytime soon. If you don’t have space in your home already for a home theater, we can make the space with a home addition!
  4. Extra Garage- Lastly, one of the most common reasons people opt for a home addition is to add an extra garage. Whether it’s for extra cars, bikes, or quads, we agree it’s a good idea!

Home additions can provide the space you need for you and your family’s needs without having to move into a new home entirely. R Company can help! Contact us today for more information.