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Three Ways Bathroom Remodeling Can Help the Elderly

elderly man handsAs we age, our bodies change. They can become frail and stiff, and performing certain tasks can become a challenge because of these changes. Aging is inevitable, but when it gets in the way of our lifestyles and livelihoods, it can be an issue, especially when it comes to performing some of life’s most basic functions. This does, unfortunately, happen quite often. Fortunately, even though we can’t change the way we age, there are things we can change in our environment that’ll make dealing with the effects of aging that much easier.

One of these changes is bathroom remodeling. Most bathrooms, especially if you live in an older home, do not accommodate our changing bodies whatsoever. That’s where we come in. We can remodel your bathroom to accommodate your ever-changing needs no matter the age or kind of home you live in. We offer high-quality and dependable remodeling services so you can have the bathroom you need in no time.

Here are three ways bathroom remodeling can help you if you need more accommodations because of your age.

#1: Installing Bars As Recommended by ADA

While many businesses are required by OSHA and the ADA to install bars in accessible bathroom stalls, the same isn’t true for our homes. When homes are built, rarely are things like this thought about during the home building process unless they are requested. We can install bars in your bathroom that’ll make things like using the toilet and getting in the shower easier to do.

#2: Installing Easy to Access Tubs

Oftentimes, one of the hardest parts of taking a bath or shower is getting into the tub itself, especially when you have stiff joints, have recently gotten surgery, or have trouble with bending and stretching in certain ways. Easy to access tubs come equipped with doors, steps, seats, and so on that make getting into the tub all that much easier. We can install this kind of tub for your bathroom remodeling project.

#3: Adding a Seat in the Shower

If you prefer showers over baths but have trouble standing for long periods of time, installing a seat in your shower can help make long showers more bearable. We can install a seat in your shower when remodeling your bathroom, so you can more easily take all the showers you need.

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