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House Paint Through the Decades: How a New Paint Job Will Transform Your Home


Roller brush applies a fresh coat of white paint over a light blue wall surface.

Oh, the colors! No one actually knows if there is a tally of paint colors in the world today. Even from just a few decades ago, the possibilities of different shades and hues that your home can be painted are endless, especially if you consider the many ‘non-official’ combinations. And if there is one thing that makes a room pop or a home stand out, it’s its color. Here at R Company, we have done countless home additions and renovations and the right color and shade always adds the final necessary cherry on top. And even if a customer is looking to do a quick sprucing up of their home, one of the things they go to first is paint. 

Functional and Aesthetic — Protecting and Decorating Our Homes

And why not? After all, psychologists everywhere agree that color impacts very much how we feel and react to certain landscapes or situations. When it comes to homes, the paint serves two purposes: protection and decoration. It is functional and also aesthetic. These two things work in conjunction with one another to serve a homeowner in a variety of ways. Of course, the decorative aspect seems to get a lot more traction. 

The Early Days of House Painting 

The need for color started way back when. That is, way back when in the 1200s to 1500s. Artisans during this era were commissioned to paint houses. House painter guilds began in England around this time as well, which meant that it was a lucrative business and a very much demanded service. These artisans, of course, were craftsmen, and they treated their precise combinations for making house paint colors like recipes for a fountain of youth type potion. 

In colonial America things were rather bland at first— in terms of house color, that is. Many Pilgrims did not particularly like the act of house painting, as it seemed to them, was a sign of arrogance, or decadence of sorts. A fashionable (but apparently naughty) Charleston preacher faced legal charges after he had the wherewithal to paint the interior of his home. But secretly everyone wanted to do it; it wasn’t very long until the demand for interior paint grew. 

If we fast forward a little bit, we get to the period of America where larger homes were constructed. In the post Civil War period, the paint industry began producing ready-mixed paints. As the country was connected and the railroads interconnected regions of the country, branded products could now market and distribute. In fact, early companies did produce the early versions of the color cards and samples we see today at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any other home improvement-type store. These were called ‘color chip cards’ which were mostly sheets of paper with attached color samples. Already there were various options in terms of color, showing that this was a highly decorative period in architecture and home design. 

While paint is in large part a protective feature of a home—both exterior and interior—the decorative aspect of the color has been a big part of the house paint industry and of modern home design. When it came to the 20th century, early Sherwin-Williams catalogs reveal a snapshot of how color schemes were used in residential homes. These were predetermined color schemes, so to speak, and they featured very interesting hues and shades. Ever seen a pink bathroom before? Yup, that was not just in the 70s. It happened more than you think! Around that time too, however, the use of wallpaper was also quite popular and that continued up until the late 20th century. 

So What’s the Big Deal With Paint? — How It Improves Your House

With its long trajectory, house paint has survived a lot. It went through many fashion fads and odd color choices. Now, the possibilities are endless. So what does new paint add to a home? 

Personal style and Tone. Want to define or redefine your atmosphere? Try a change of shade. Sometimes, simply by changing the interior or exterior paint color of a home, it appears far more attractive, welcoming, nuanced, luxurious, and more. Want a modern touch? A return to simplicity? Maybe a bold statement. Do it with paint. You’d be surprised how many homes sit on the market until a paint overhaul is done on them. 

Cleans and Protects. If you’ve been living in your home for, say, 10 years: when was the last time you cleaned those interior walls? Probably never. Well, paint will protect your home’s walls but it will also clean them and add a fresh look. 

Increase Value. As a homeowner, you know that everything you do to your home is a potential investment. In fact, thinking this way is quite smart, as you never know what might happen in the near or distant future that necessitates you moving out and what better than selling your home for MORE than you bought it for. Isn’t that the American Dream!? A new paint job will increase your home’s curb appeal and its value. It makes an immediate impression on potential homebuyers as they view the home. 

Get the Right Shade and Color With R Company

As a home remodeling and home renovation company, we have seen transformations in many forms. Whether it is a bathroom transformation or a complete overhaul of the kitchen. All of these are fantastic ways to remodel your home. And yet, one of the simplest ways to give your home new breath or to complete a home renovation or addition, is the paint. That is, the right paint done the right way for your home. We got you covered. Call us today at R Company.

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